Pennmate Notify

Pennmate Notify

An app that pushed simplicity and functionality to its maximum and does nothing other than telling you the course is open at the shortest notice.


PennCourseNotify1 Penn Course Alert Pennmate Notify
Requires login No Yes No
Repeated notification
Display course open status
Notify via Push Notification Limited Limited
Notify via Email
Notify via Text is discontinued

Repeated notification

Pennmate Notify won't stop notifying your subscribed courses unless you manually cancel it. If you failed to register your courses this time, you will be notified again next time.

Display course open status

Without logging into [email protected], you can view the course status on the app directly. Pennmate Notify also tells you when the course last opened.

Notify via Push Notification

Notifying via Email or Text looks like a great way at first glance. However, they arrive at your device via Push Notifications anyway. Therefore, by skipping the extra step (email and cell provider), Pennmate Notify is able to notify you at the shortest notice.

No data collected

By filling out your Email address or phone number and your planned courses together, it is extremely easy to identify your personal information. Pennmate Notify doesn't track you in any way, and only uses a random identifier to push the notifications onto your device.

Cross platform

Supported on all Android devices and PC via Chrome browser extension (works without opening your Chrome!). iOS and iPadOS devices support coming soon.